Process Arts Community Forum

Process Arts Community Forum

As a member of the Process Arts Community, you will be able to stay connected with other course members and staff as we continue to explore together the ever-widening revelations and implications of process painting. This community module is designed to be a platform for communication, discussion and education offering a wide range of interactive possibilities.  


  • Completion of Module I, The Principles of Process Painting
  • Completion of Module II, The Art of Facilitating

~ Community Forum on Slack:

The community forum will be hosted on the Slack platform. As a community member you’ll be able to interact directly with other course participants and The Painting Experience staff through the community forum, as well as have access to a rich archive of facilitation discussions and inspirational selections. 

What you can do in the Community Forum:

  • Communicate directly with other members of the community and staff either personally, in small groups or community wide
  • Share your personal experiences and initiate topics for discussions to be explored in the forum or as webinar discussions
  • Participate in the Inspirations Channel, a place to share inspiring quotes, videos, links, statements, etc.
  • Upload your own paintings or those of your students

After you complete The Art of Facilitating, you can join the Process Arts Community Forum at no extra charge.

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~ Process Arts Practicum:

As an active member of the Process Arts Community you are eligible to take part in the facilitator training opportunities provided by the Process Arts Practicum.