Process Arts Practicum

What are People Saying?

  • Thursdays, January 25 – April 18, 2024 | 9:00am-11:30am PST
  • Fridays, January 26 – April 19, 2024 | 9:00am-11:30am PST
  • Sessions: Intro meeting plus 12 weeks | 2-1/2 hours each | 6 people maximum
  • Submission: Applications for the 2024 Practicum must be received by November 1st, 2023.

Facilitating Painter: $840 ($70/session)

  • As a facilitating painter you’ll have the opportunity to lead two complete online painting classes attended by your fellow practicum participants as well as a few witnessing painters.
  • The class will begin with an introduction to the process in your own words.
  • Your personal facilitating session will be supervised by a staff member who will be available live or by private chat anytime during the session.
  • There will be a group debrief in the last half hour of each painting session.
  • You will have a private debrief with the PE staff person following each of your two personal facilitation sessions.
  • The dates of your facilitating sessions and the facilitator you’ll be working with will be scheduled ahead of time.
  • It’s required that you attend all twelve sessions.

Witnessing Painter: $420 ($35/session)

  • As a witnessing painter you’ll have the opportunity to paint in the 2-hour painting classes facilitated by participants in the training practice.
  • You will be present for and participate in the one half hour group debrief after each painting session.
  • It’s required that you attend all twelve sessions.

Applications for the 2024 Practicum must be submitted by November 1st, 2023. Please take some time in filling out the application. Make sure to let us know if you are interested in attending as a facilitating painter or as a witnessing painter, and whether you’re available to attend future practicums in case the current one is filled. If you have already completed one Practicum, you may attend again for more training experience.  

Continuing Education Credits

26 Continuing Education Credits are available for MFT/LCSW/LPCC/LEP & RN. There is a certificate fee of $25.

After completing three Practicum blocks, you’ll be eligible to apply to The Painting Experience Affiliate Program.


Group Mentoring Sessions:  


  • Completion of The Principles of Process Painting
  • Completion of The Art of Facilitating
  • Participation in the Process Arts Community

Group Mentoring Sessions will be offered once a month (or more frequently if necessary) with a staff facilitator. These are being offered regularly for anyone interested in getting started facilitating regardless of where you are in the process. You can bring your questions and shares to a group of others who are already facilitating or just come and learn from the discussion. We may offer a particular topic, or it might be an open forum. Topics will be posted in the Group Mentoring Channel in SLACK.

You can bring your questions about getting started with your students, your facilitation questions with your current students, establishing your own business, structuring your classes, how to facilitate online, etc. If you have permission from your students, you can bring a taped session to the group for discussion. You will benefit from the experience of the group as well as the staff support.

We may offer from time to time some interactive exercises that will assist you in refining your skills as a facilitator.  And we may offer specific topics and invite presentations from our staff and other community members.  All sessions will be recorded for viewing later. All sessions need full participation to be effective.


  • An hour and a half in length
  • Go To Group mentoring Channel in Slack for Dates, Times and Registration

Fee:  $40

    You may also wish to add one of the other personal practices described in Making It Personal

    Personal Mentoring Sessions:

    You can schedule a 1/2-hour Zoom personal mentoring session with a staff facilitator. Bring your questions about getting started with your first students, your facilitation experiences with your current students, starting your business, how to structure your classes, how to facilitate online, etc. If you have permission from your students, you can bring a recorded session to the group for discussion.

    Please message Annie or Aziza personally on Slack to make a reservation.

  • Such a lovingly held space of experiential learning. What better use of one’s life energy than to assist wholeness being made manifest through partnership with the infinite, limitless stream of the Creative Intelligence that is our purest nature…our birthright.
    ~ Susan Kramer-Pope

    Go for it! Make the time, find the resources, and jump in! The benefit of getting great feedback in the moment, while the facilitation experience is fresh in your mind, is just so invaluable for speeding up your facilitation learning curve. You won’t regret it and in fact will likely want more! Learning both from those with long experience and from my peers in the group added an additional dimension as I came to see how many different ways good facilitation could look!
    ~ April Reid

    Wholeheartedly recommend. It’s the perfect place to build confidence and experience before going on your own.
    ~ Karine Baczynski