Online Painting

Online Painting is a way to sustain a home painting practice with the support of a virtual community of process painters from around the world. Join a growing community of painters who value the powerful practice of process painting as a tool for their ongoing creative development and personal growth. You’ll receive personal attention from Stewart Cubley or another Painting Experience facilitator.

When I’m in the class, I notice a space or energy created that feels safe, inviting and open.

This grants a permission to go inside myself and a permission for everyone else to do the same.

I don’t’ feel distracted by what anyone else is doing –

the fact that we don’t comment on each others work allows me to focus deeply on what needs to unfold.

~ RS, December 2020

Magic happens at a Painting Experience workshop, but it’s easy to lose sight of your hard-won insights once you return to everyday life. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

  • Community matters. Staying in contact with others involved with painting for process stimulates you to keep your own connection alive.
  • Accountability works. Having a date and time on your calendar supports you to show up for personal process time.
  • Technology rocks. Video conferencing technology has come a long way in recent years. We’re taking it out of the conference room and into the creative process to support and sustain a thriving, creative community.

“I appreciate the almost instant attention that is available to me. The online system is so easy to use. It’s almost miraculous.” ~ Dolly Chye, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When you paint online, you’ll experience the same supportive studio environment that you find at an in-person workshop.

  • Share your process. We begin each session with a brief check-in and reserve some time at the end for a closing.
  • Ask questions. As we paint, Stewart or another facilitator checks in with each person one at a time and offers personal facilitation.
  • Learn and discover. Although the facilitators work with one individual at a time, all painters are hearing all of the facilitation that is offered. Many people have found this to be an unexpected benefit that adds value to their experience.

“I enjoy being able to listen to how Stewart manages the different issues each one has with his/her painting. He crafts his language to reassure and persuade someone to embrace and paint through a block. It is very effective in its thoughtfulness.“

Take a look at our Online Painting calendar. Purchase sessions. Sign up anytime for the dates that fit your schedule.

  • Plan ahead. See a session on our calendar that fits your schedule? Sign up for that date as far in advance as you’d like. You can always re-schedule later if you can’t make it.
  • Or be spontaneous! Wake up and feel like painting with us? If we’re online that day, purchase a session, sign up and come on in! Last-minute sign-ups are okay if there’s room.
  • Get reminders. Opt-in to have Online Painting reminders delivered to your inbox.

New to the process? Consider attending a workshop or retreat.

And stay tuned for the upcoming online course Awakening the Creative. Designed with the beginner in mind, this will be the online version of the course we have taught for years in our workshops and retreats around the world. If you’d like to be notified when registration for the course is open, subscribe here and be sure to check the box next to “Interest in Beginner’s Online Course”.