The Art of Facilitating

The Art of Facilitating brings process painting into a whole new dimension.
It’s exciting, demanding – and also humbling.
If you try to rely on concepts or techniques that have worked for you before,
it’s going to fall flat –
Because this is not a subject to be learned;
It’s a way of being.
~ Stewart Cubley

The Art of Facilitating brings the principles of process painting into practice. For those choosing to facilitate process painting, this course will provide an experiential understanding of the principles by illustrating how they weave together in the interplay of painting and facilitating. The Art of Facilitating is also relevant if you’re not planning on guiding others—it’s an intimate glimpse into process painting as a living spiritual practice.


  • Completion of The Principles of Process Painting


You may join The Art of Facilitating at any time. You will be able to complete the course on your own schedule and you will always have access to the course material.


In this course, you’ll learn by:

  • Viewing video excerpts of actual facilitation sessions where painters encounter a wide range of challenges and breakthroughs under Stewart’s guidance.
  • Listening to Stewart’s comments on why he takes certain actions and his perceptions behind them.
  • Hearing recorded conversations between Stewart and other course members, as well as online mentoring sessions during the training of his co-facilitators.
  • Completing written exercises about what you perceive after viewing the facilitation excerpts.


  • Live Eight Week Webinar: In this inaugural release of the course,  Stewart will present an eight week Process Circle exploring the contents of the course.
  • Process Arts Community: You will be invited to participate in a dedicated Slack Channel where you can share with other course members and participate in our growing community.  
  • Personal Coaching: Your tuition includes a one-half hour personal coaching session with Stewart or a senior facilitator. After that, the cost for One-to-One Mentoring is $210 and includes 3 hours of personalized supervision (a 50% discount). 
  • Making it Personal: You may also wish to add one of the other practices described in Making It Personal.


Process Arts Practicum:

After completing The Principles of Process Painting and The Art of Facilitating, you’ll be eligible to join The Process Arts Practicum.


The cost of The Art of Facilitating is $699.  

Continuing Education:

26 Continuing Education Credits are available for MFT/LCSW/LPCC/LEP & RN. After completing The Art of Facilitating, you will receive a certificate of course participation. There is a certificate fee of $25.


The Art of Facilitating Process Circles:  These Process Circles are live explorations of selected facilitation sessions designed to cultivate a step-by-step understanding of signals revealed by the painter that are useful in guiding the actions of the facilitator. Process Circles for this course are small groups of personal sharing and discussion normally led by a senior Painting Experience facilitator.

Dates: Next Process Circle to be announced