The Painting Experience Affiliate Program

The Painting Experience Affiliate Program

As a Painting Experience Affiliate, you will carry on the legacy and values of process arts as practiced by The Painting Experience while bringing forth your own unique individuality as a practitioner and guide.

As an affiliate, you’ll be supported in your development as a process arts practitioner and facilitator by:

  • Having the option to list your business on our website in an area designated for affiliates (after one year in the affiliate program)
  • Receiving continued facilitation practice during Painting Experience workshops, onsite trainings and online painting sessions
  • Meeting online with Stewart Cubley or a senior facilitator in one-to-one mentoring at a reduced affiliate fee
  • Receiving continued support for setting up, marketing and running a process painting business
  • Enjoying reduced rates for most Painting Experience workshops and retreats as well as future online opportunities


  • Completion of The Principles of Process Arts
  • Completion of The Art of Facilitating
  • Completion of three Process Arts Practicums
  • Attendance in three onsite Facilitator Trainings*

By the time you have completed the above requirements, you will have enough first-hand experience to know if you want to carry on the values and methods of The Painting Experience in your work. Conversely, the staff will know you well enough to determine whether you are a good fit for the affiliate program.

Admission to the program is limited; not all who apply will be accepted. Acceptance does not assume that you will join The Painting Experience staff or be employed by our organization.

Ongoing Requirements

You may renew your affiliate status annually if you have met the following requirements during the previous year.

  • Participation in at least one onsite workshop*
  • Completion of at least one online painting series (six sessions)
  • Publishing one blog post on the website


  • To be determined

* Other arrangements may be made during the COVID-19 pandemic or for international participants who are unable to attend onsite workshops.