Episode 38: Beyond Painting for Process

Feb 3, 2020

In this podcast, Stewart Cubley discusses the seven principles of process painting as explored in his online course, and asks the question, “Why paint for process at all?”

An excerpt from Beyond Painting for Process . . .

The potential that exists in process painting is that it points at something beyond. So, for example, not-knowing allows us to be in relationship with something that is undefined. And we can do that in the midst of the circumstances as we’re painting. We can come back and revisit not-knowing time after time again. Despite the fact that the painting is full of colors and forms and ideas and narratives and thoughts, we can return to not-knowing. And each return to not-knowing opens up of freedom in us. It’s a detachment from all of the stories that we have. And it’s coming back to something prior to the narrative of not only the painting, but of ourselves, because the narrative of the painting creates the narrative of the painter. And when we return to not-knowing, there’s a fresh breath of air in which I’m no longer that person. I’m no longer defined by that painting. I can come back to the essence of not-knowing.

And what’s beautiful about this is that it’s so applicable to our lives beyond the painting process. It’s not just theory, and it’s not just something that happens in our art experience. It’s a potential that exists for us in every moment, to be in touch with that which is beyond what we know, and therefore beyond who we think we are.

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