Episode 36 : Embracing Uncertainty

Jan 3, 2019

Why is it that when we finally embrace the uncertainty of process painting, we feel suddenly more connected to our intuitive creative flow? We usually view uncertainty as a weakness and an obstacle. But when we have the courage to embrace uncertainty by not having a plan, we find it easier to trust the revelation inherent in each moment.

An excerpt from Embracing Uncertainty . . .

There is no shortage of uncertainty these days, and no-one is immune to it, no-one gets to opt out of uncertainty. So, you might ask, “Well, what place does process painting have to do with this question of uncertainty?” On some level it seems like kind of an escape. Just to be playing with color and brushes and art seems like a nice diversion from the uncertainty that we live with. But as anyone knows who has actually embraced process painting, it does not lead to an escape from uncertainty at all, in fact, it throws you more into it.

You dive into the heart of uncertainty when you start to process paint. You have to feel it directly. it’s amplified in the process painting experience, and yet, something very interesting happens when you engage uncertainty actively. When you have to act and be uncertain at the same time, another state starts to emerge. Some people call it surrender, other people feel like they become more empowered and more inspired through the act of facing uncertainty in process painting.

Our relationship to uncertainty changes. We start to feel more grounded and more peaceful, despite the uncertainty, maybe even because of the uncertainty. It becomes something creative rather than something fearful. The interesting question is, given that there is an experience here through art, through creativity, of actually facing uncertainty directly and acting from uncertainty that seems to feed us, seems to make it more possible to live in an uncertain way, what does it mean to extend that beyond the act of process painting?

Is it something that we actually could translate into the uncertainty that we feel in our lives? Can we imagine that actually stepping towards the uncertainty, embracing it, acting within it, might feel empowering to us, might actually feel creative to us?

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