Episode 19: Moving Beyond Resistance

Jul 2, 2015


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In this episode, Stewart Cubley explores why we so often experience resistance when undertaking a creative project, and how we can work with that resistance to get unstuck and move deeper into our process.

An excerpt from this podcast about overcoming resistance . . .

It’s impossible to undertake process painting without meeting the phenomena of resistance. Resistance is actually an important part of the experience of not only process painting but creative action in any realm. The fact is resistance shows up. It’s important to understand something about resistance, because it has the tendency to become a burden. It may become a way in which we diminish ourselves or feel diminished. I think everyone experiences this: We create a project for ourselves that we really want and then we set up all sorts of barriers to doing it. We abandon projects and we have all these loose ends in our lives — and we feel like we’ve failed. We feel like we’re not living up to our full potential. It can actually undermine our belief in ourselves.

So it’s important to understand resistance; there’s more to resistance and overcoming resistance than we think. I started getting interested in how this works when I was teaching weekly painting classes. We had a process in the studio where if someone called before they were going to miss a class, they could make up the class a later date. Because of this, I had many conversations with people around not coming to class. Of course, some reasons were legitimate — people had things come up that didn’t allow them to attend. But many times people didn’t want to come because they were resisting. So I would have these very interesting conversations around resistance with people if they were willing to acknowledge it. And I found that if someone came to class after acknowledging their resistance — if they resisted and then showed up anyway — usually something quite interesting happened.

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