Esalen Fall 2023

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA | October 30 – November 3, 2023

 We hope you’ve returned home safely after your Esalen workshop and that you found our time together to be a rewarding experience. As facilitators, we value your openness and your spirit of exploration more than we can say, and we’re coming away filled with the richness of our interactions.

Below, click on the link After Our Workshop to go to our retreat follow-up page. It has information that may be helpful to you after our time painting together, as well as access to our range of programs. There are ways to continue exploring your painting process online as well as in future in-person retreats. And if you want to dive deeper, we have two popular self-paced online courses, as well as a path to becoming a facilitator of process painting. And don’t forget to check out the three pages of photos on this page.

Please feel free to be in touch with us with any comments, suggestions, or questions. (Go to the Contact tab in the upper right).

We love to hear from you!

Stewart, Matt, Aziza & April

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