Peyton Petty, Board Member

I have been practicing with The Painting Experience since early 2014. While I was not new to the concept of process arts, it took Stewart Cubley’s teachings to deepen my practice and show me that living a process-oriented life was the goal. Over the years, I have learned to ‘trust the brush’ both inside the studio, and out. The Painting Experience has little to do with art, per se. In my mind, it is an easily accessible spiritual program, one that is uniquely positioned to help people grow. It contains all of the fundamentals that one needs to live an authentic, creatively charged life. At least, that is what it has done for me. In joining the Board of Directors of The Painting Experience, I hope I can help ensure that this exceptional program and its teachings are forever accessible to seekers of all kinds.

For most of my life I have worked in the social services, most recently helping people living with severe mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse. Throughout it all, I have raised a family, started and run various groups for both artists as well as for parents of children with special needs, and, always, found ways to express myself visually. Since retiring, I have become active in a recovery community for children of alcoholics, and joined the Board of a school for children who live with unique learning styles.