Molly Siddoway King, Facilitator (website)

I arrived at process painting via a circuitous route as an elementary school teacher, outward bound instructor and course director, yoga teacher and recently retired psychotherapist. I attended my first Painting Experience workshop in 2006 and kept coming back. When not process painting, I enjoy writing, reading, drawing, practicing yoga, meditating and being out in the natural world. I am particularly interested in the kinship between process painting, introspection and mindfulness practice. These three practices share similar priorities of focused attention, watching our thoughts and the ways in which we get in our own way. For each of us, the experience of process painting is unique. For me, the practice of quiet, deep listening is profound. Add to that an intention to take time to create every day, and the doors of possibility are thrown wide open. Process painting enlivens me and overflows joyously through sharing it with others.