Karine Baczynski, Board Member

In 1991, Karine discovered the Painting Experience Studio. She was pursuing a BA in fine arts at SFSU at the time, and has been process painting ever since. After college and a lot of painting, Karine studied documentary film production at Stanford University, worked in Silicon Valley to develop an early video streaming platform, and then moved to NYC to work in film and television.

Through the years, she has always maintained close connection with her painting process, working with Barbara Kaufman and the CCE Studio of San Francisco. In 2014, having dropped out of the film world to have a baby, she reconnected with Stewart Cubley, one of the founders of the Painting Experience Studio. Stewart’s evolution and refinement of his facilitation method since they met in 1991, inspired Karine to discover even more freedom and depth in her process.

Karine brings a knowledge of other process oriented modalities to her teaching, having trained and been certified in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Awareness, and having recently been certified in Digital Storytelling through the Story Center.