Jean Matlack, Assistant Secretary

I grew up in the 50s, got married and had babies in the 60s, then went to graduate school and became a psychologist/psychotherapist in the 70s. Looking back, one of my most meaningful learning experiences were the times I spent with Marion Woodman, a Jungian, who used movement and mask-making as adjunct to dream work. I worked at a family treatment center, then at a college, and finally was in private practice in Washington DC. In 2000, I closed my practice, and moved full time into spiritual explorations. I painted with Aviva Gold (“Painting from the Source”) for a while, then fumbled around for years trying to find a way to paint that worked for me until I happened on Life, Paint and Passion in a local library. I went to the Omega workshop in 2015 and have not stopped painting since. The development of online painting has brought process painting into my daily life at home in a very meaningful way. Taking the online course is deepening my understanding of what process painting is really about. I live in Rockport Maine with my long time husband. Our three grown children live in the Boston area. We have seven grandchildren.