Episode 5: Entering the Stream

May 2, 2014

In this episode, Stewart Cubley asks the question: Why should someone do process painting at all? What happens when you paint without a goal or purpose, and how can it help you to find ease and creative flow?

An excerpt from Entering the Stream:

Something happens when you do process painting. It’s not immediately obvious to an outside observer, because it’s not about appearance, it’s not for selling your painting, it’s not for getting recognized, and it’s not even about meaning. So I think it’s a valid question: “Why do process painting at all? What happens that actually makes it worthwhile, that makes it meaningful?”

I would like to explore that a little bit today, because something does happen. It’s not something that you can predict and set out to achieve. So first there’s the leap — there’s the willingness to pick up a brush and touch the canvas or the paper and not know what’s happening. Not having a goal in mind. This is a lot already, because there’s a lot of resistance to doing this. All sorts of excuses and reasons for not doing it will show up. It’s quite a challenge to do something for nothing — for no reason. But once you take that leap, you enter a different sphere. The brush seems to know where it’s going after all, or at least seems to enjoy where it’s going. There’s a movement that takes place. When you dare to do something spontaneously without having any goal or reason in mind, something takes over. That’s what I’d like to explore today. What is it that takes over and is that of any value?

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