Episode 24: Vulnerability

Jun 18, 2016

This episode explores the role of vulnerability in process painting. Opening to the intuitive voice within ourselves requires us to feel vulnerable. Instead of resisting those feelings, we can learn how to encourage and invite them, becoming more creative and more alive.

An excerpt from Vulnerability . . .

It’s essential to be vulnerable. You just have to be. There’s no way to open without being vulnerable. There’s no way to open to the intuitive voice within ourselves. There’s no way to open to the imaginative ability that comes from a place beyond the mind without a willingness to be vulnerable, empty, and naked — without feeling in some way insufficient, even.

There’s been some wonderful research done on vulnerability — for example, by Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert — and I think it’s important to talk about this, because being vulnerable, and the feelings associated with that, are neglected in our conversation. We’re prejudiced against vulnerability. We don’t like it. We don’t like feeling uncertain. We don’t like not knowing what to do. We don’t like not feeling strong and clear and confident.

To allow vulnerability, to actually give it space in our psyche, to encourage it, and to invite it is a radically different stance. It’s not something that we would normally gravitate toward. And yet, it’s demanded of us. There’s no way around it if you want to open to the serendipity, to the mystery. There’s no way to not be open to it if you want to be a creative person, ultimately. If you want to engage the creative process in your life, and have that be your guide. And so, there are lessons to be learned about being vulnerable. There’s something very interesting that happens once you begin to entertain vulnerability, once you begin to make it okay for those feelings to be present.

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