Moloka’i 2022


This is a private page for participants in the Moloka’i 2022 10-day workshop. It’s not accessible from any other part of the website, so we recommend bookmarking this page so you can get back here easily.

You’ll find many resources here (like the videos we watched) as well as a list of your fellow painters and a photo gallery of our time together. I hope you enjoyed our time together at the Hui, and I that I’ll see you again soon. I’ll be back for my annual 10-Day workshop next year, March 4 – 14, 2023. Registration will open soon.

You can view, upload and download photos to the Google Photo Gallery I’ve created. To upload or download, you’ll need to sign in with a gmail address. You can also send me photos you’d like to upload, and I’m happy to do it.

A few people about watching the David Whyte video again. You can view it and also download it here.

Please take a moment to share any post-workshop thoughts or insights with me here. I would really appreciate your feedback!


Online Painting: Give it a try

You’re invited to one free online painting session.

Use this discount code to redeem your free session: HUI2022.

Here’s a printable PDF that explains how to sign up.

Online Courses

There are two online courses available that you might find interesting. They’ve allowed me to go more in depth with the fundamentals of the work, as well as to provide the background of it’s development.

Please remember we’re nonprofit

If you’d like to assist others who need financial support in attending The Painting Experience, we gladly accept any tax-deductible donations to our Scholarship Fund.



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Roster & Email Circle (Click to View)

NumberNameDate to Email
1April Reid3/21/22
2Michael Goldberg3/22/22
3Leslie Goldberg3/23/22
4Meera Roy3/24/22
5Jane Whitley3/25/22
6Heather Sorensen3/26/22
7Amy Ponteri3/27/22
8John Winston3/28/229
9Christina Mills3/29/22
10Maggie Evans3/30/22
11Alison Kilroy3/31/22
12Janet Simpson4/1/22
14Diane Nuckles4/2/22
15Susan Doyle4/3/22
16Florence Cazenave4/4/22
17Erika Jenssen4/5/22
19Matt Belay4/6/22
20Stewart Cubley4/7/22