Program Goals and Learning Objectives:

The Institute for Art and Living conducts onsite workshops that teach participants how to understand and use the creative process as:

~ a personal practice of self-renewal, and

~ a therapeutic tool for the clinical setting.


To this end, our programs intend to help marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, professional clinical counselors, educational psychologists and registered nurses achieve the following learning objectives:

1. Promote imaginal awareness in order to discover creative solutions that can be foundational for clinical interventions.
2. Identify the inner voices of self-criticism and self-doubt, and employ process painting methods to decrease their negative impact.
3. Develop skills for deep inner listening in order to stay in the present moment with openness and empathy.
4. Examine assumptions and biases that interfere with the therapeutic relationship.
5. Alleviate burn out by providing an outlet for engagement without needing to accomplish a defined outcome to feel successful.
6. Recognize somatic responses and develop patience with the ebb and flow of emotional and psychological states.
7. Build clinical competency by cultivating an on-going creative practice.


Emphasizing these skills, our courses give participants the intellectual understanding and hands-on experience to incorporate creative process techniques into their personal lives and professional practices.


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